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The six young participants of European project PAVITT have attended a 20h training workshop in which they learned the skills required to carry out a participatory video (idea, shoot, selection of images, editing…). During the workshop, experts have used an experimental and participatory methodology to promote creativity, reflection, teamwork and learning through games, group exercises and personal/group developing techniques.

They have also learnt about the use of the camcorder, recording, writing the script, the "storyboard" ... The training workshop used as a reference manual the Guide for trainers prepared by the Mancomunitat, a practical document with instructions for the development of participatory video workshops. 


Alzira, 11th April 2013.- Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta received this morning a group of representatives of various youth associations and institutions of Calabria (Italy), Alentejo (Portugal), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Ankara (Turkey) involved in the European project PAVITT (Youth in Action) led by the regional body, which aims to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship of young people through innovative methods such as participatory video.

The Pavitt project, whose first meeting was held today at the headquarters of the Mancomunitat, has a duration of 14 months and has 100,000 euros of European funding.

During its development, the young participants will explore new training opportunities through participatory video in order to enable them to carry out their projects and ideas that result in job creation, through the strengthening of their skills and competencies.

After the training phase, the results and the methods used will be analyzed to make possible a tranfer to other groups and contexts. The president of Mancomunitat, Christobal Garcia, stressed the importance of such projects that promote education and self-employment among young people, especially in a situation such as we live.

Besides Mancomunitat, who leads the project, the consortium of participating entities is formed by Pronexus (Italy), ADTR (Portugal), NAMCB (Bulgaria) and S&G (Turkey), who will share their experiences and findings.




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